Do the Green thing.

This compact, portable concrete crusher is capable of handling football sized chunks of material, including reinforcing steel and mesh.  As such, a fair amount of busting and clipping of steel is required before chunks can be fed into the machine. The crushed material is then run through our screener to get the desired uniform size gravel.

Recycled concrete gravel is excellent compactable fill material as it has sharp edges that interlock well.  Our pricing is good compared to new aggregates, making it an easy choice to do the Green thing.

  • Concrete waste or rocks that are not accepted at the dump
  • $75 for a Full Sized Pickup
  • $45 for a Medium Sized Pickup
  • $30 for a Small Sized Pickup

Variations of these prices include mesh, reinforcing steal, etc.

Alternative: Drive to Waianae or Nanakuli  and pay for them to take it.